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      Good prices on computer parts and accessories, cameras, memory cards and music players.  Fast shipping quality stuff. 



   Lots of fun stuff to wear and My new favorite place to shop.....Hint if your needing gift ideas :)


Very helpful place to test your computer and find out what's ailing it. And lots of other helpful tools.




Another Helpful place if you computer is being uncooperative.




         A Place very near our cottage if you'd like to check the weather and stuff near our place.


  Emberwilde Productions specializes in custom video production services. 
From shooting special events, editing existing video, or assembling photos
with music, Emberwilde Productions can work with you or your business to
provide audio/video solutions to meet your needs."





this is a handy place to look if your computer is being......annoying.   


 this one is helpful in making windows xp work better for you, also to add little helpful stuff or delete parts of it you don't like.




    Fun place to send e-cards from. 



        this one has a few games, I play bookworm on it mostly.





you can find just about anything you are shopping for here.




this place nice if your baby isn't feeling good and you need some ideas of why and what to do.       



Calebs favorite shopping link.


    Best prices on computers they build the systemax ones to your needs and the teck support you get with them is in awesome.  Not only are they knowledgeable but also very easy to understand.




















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