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Click on photos to download movies, while the movie clips are downloading they will be choppy, once it is done downloading if you push play again it will be smooth. Another option if you would like to save the movie to your computer so you can watch it while you aren't online. You can right click on the picture, click "save target as" then a box will come up asking you where you'd like to save it to then you will see a little timer as it downloads and you can watch it from your computer where ever you saved it to.
   QuickTime bigger file.             wmv smaller file quicker to dl

Caleb Catching a fish in Hawaii Jan. 2014

Match #1, Match #2, Match #3, Match #4. Caleb took 3rd place in his weight class February 3 2013
Caleb and his chickens looking for tasty treats. July 2012  3.37mb

Cables first wrestling match against Blue Ridge Jan. 25 2012   46.4mb

    Click here for a much smaller version if you have a slow connection

      Caleb and his buddy Bryce tubing in Canada July 17 2011 7.02 mb
Caleb leaning to ride four wheeler May 31 2011 53.6mb
Caleb and Daddy setting off fire Works May 5 2011 37mb
    Pinewood derby 2011 troop 27 15.5mb  3/27/11
Christmas 2010 December 25  21.1mb 
   Caleb being silly ....again September 2010  7.42mb
Caleb And The Dragon fly May 28, 2010  30.2mb
      Soap Box Derby For Tiger Scouts March 27, 2010      20.7mb           
     Dino's in the Creek!!     13.3mb March 24, 2010 
     Caleb's first swim under water and without life vest.  Aug 5, 2008  6.4mb 
               These are all of Caleb being silly May/Aug 2008

   12.1mb                5.72mb                3.89mb

     Caleb making a movie about bugs  May 15, 2008 10.3mb
    Caleb and Princess in the Creek May 5,2008       20.2mb

  Three renditions of BINGO/here comes peter cotton tail 2mb or less for each March 23, 2008

   Caleb and Princess playing in the snow March  14 2008 5.77mb
    Caleb's second try at Karate  13.4mb February 21, 2008
    Caleb's first ride on a big kids bike. 8.66mb January 8, 2008
princess diving for toy in Canada  1.53mb August 2007
        Caleb's First day back to preschool. 8.55mb September 12, 2008
Caleb and Nicole playing on the porch. 10.6mb July 2007







  Caleb making daddy's birthday cake  11mb   7/25/07
   Caleb Testing mommy's new camera 2.91mb     4/2/07
      Caleb Dressed up as a dinosaur  23mb        1/7/2007
      Caleb dressed up for Halloween as triceratops. 13.2 mb  10/29/06
        Caleb's first day of preschool     21.5mb  9/11/06
         Caleb's first karate class   43.9mb      9/5/06
       Caleb and Nicole playing in Canada      15.5mb   8/28/06
      Caleb riding Shadow   14.6mb   8/16/06
    Caleb and Nicole driving  24.8mb    8/10/06                                                                                                                                                                                                           
         Caleb and Nicole sword fighting 4.13mb   7/28/06
       Caleb being a dragon 8.38mb        6/5/06
     Caleb playing with Mac 7.5mb  6/5/06
         Caleb running through the rain.  20.2mb   5/29/06
     Caleb Driving the boat in Canada. 15.3mb   5/29/06
     Caleb helping Daddy fix the deck.  12.3mb   5/10/06
   Caleb playing on sit and spin, having lunch  (yes that's a piece of bread with mustard on the bottom of his water bottle) and listen close singing happy birthday at the end  20.8mb
         Caleb and Conner driving !  14.8mb


   Caleb sweeping snow, file is big u may want to minimize and do other stuff why it downloads 31.0mb
       Caleb saying a few of his favorite words, here is a list to help.

hello, dinosaur, apple,  scorpion, elephant, giraffe, molson, molson, mommy, juice, milk, alligator, horse, giraffe, bird, a bird.   5.04mb

   Caleb and his friend  Andrew playing. 12.1mb
  Caleb dancing on his boat.   7.11mb
        in Canada playing with some very cool sticks   15.2 mb
   Dancing to his favorite movie tune, move it, move it, from Madagascar.  56.5mb
     playing with grandpa when he came to visit.   12.1mb
    having fun with his new toy  4.72mb
    more fun on the trampoline  8.59mb


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