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To download any of these programs just  click on either the underlined words or the little computer icon. Save it to your computer usually desktop. then close this and double click on the icon on your desktop and follow instructions.



Found this awesome little program called audacity you can use to record voice onto computer or copy cassette tapes or even records on to computer and convert them to cd's    It was easy to figure out I did so just by pushing a few buttons. All you will need is a microphone to record voice or if your copying cassette tapes you will need a plug to go from your sound card to the headphones jack on the boom box.  you can get the cables at www.cables.com its a 3.5 audio cable.  Also this is a link to instructions on how to do it.   http://www.nsftools.com/misc/TapeToCD.htm




this is a little program to run once a week or so to take spy wear off your computer.  be sure to update it by clicking on the little globe every week before you run it to check for updates.





this is a handy program if you need to upload a lot of photos at once to a web site.



ImageResizerPowertoySetup.exe   (windows xp only)

installing this you can right click on any photo on your computer to resize it. if you want the original resized and not a copy of the photo be sure and click on the advanced tab and check the box that states this.




a chat program. you need a microphone to use this and you can talk to anyone else on the same teamspeek channel.


ventrilo-3.0.0-Windows-i386.exe   (newest version)


another chat program works the same as teamspeek.

ventrilo_2.1.1.exe (old version of vent) to dl this file click on this line only.














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