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7/9/14 Guest Book not working and I cant fix it :( . So it is no more.

7/15/12 Turned off music in Guest Book.


12/20/07 Action Fire now has its own web space and you can get

there by clicking here.


8/12/07 I'm working on a web site for Action Fire and Safety. 

If anyone is interested in watching that project progress you can get

there by clicking here.


3/26/07 Changed music in guest book.....can you name the artist? 


1/19/2007 I have added a little chat button just above the Google bar ,

 and the guestbook  If you push it you will be able to chat live with

anyone else who is in there.  It will open in a new window so you will

 still be able to do other stuff online.  Hope its fun and that everyone

 gives it a try.  Thanks much to Rytz for the help and patience with my

 lack of computer language.


10/16/2006- I have added background music to the guestbook so if

the kids are asleep you might want to turn down speakers before you

 press the button. I'm thinking about putting music on more of the

pages, so please if you have an opinion on it let me know, maybe in

 guestbook or forums.  I think some people may not enjoy listing to

music while visiting a web page, but I figured it was a good page to

test it on. It takes a little longer to load the first time you go there but

any visits after that, it will load quicker.


10/10/2006- Just found this handy looking search thing I guess you

can type in whole sentences to find information.  I haven't played

with it much yet but I figured it might be useful so I added it.

1/21/07 wasn't impressed deleted it.


7/28/2006-Added guest book for anyone who would like to say hello

 but not wanting to post in the forums.  So please leave us a note its

great to hear from people and in years to come maybe fun for Caleb

to read.


3/12/2006-  Hello everyone, and welcome to our little web site

project.  I think its finally finished.   It was pretty hard as I was

clueless when I started making this site but I'm happy with how it

turned out.  And I have learned lots of stuff I didn't know before . 

I hope you all enjoy the stuff I have on here and if you have any

ideas to add to it id be happy to hear from you.  There is a section

in the forums for ideas.

The gallery page is lots of photos of different things, Caleb of course

has his own little album ,there is also an album there for anyone who

would like to share, pictures post all you like in there.  Or you can

register in Gallery and then you will be able to create  your very own


Also I have added a few helpful things you can download, some of

our favorite links, a page of short movie clips of Caleb so you can

enjoy watching him grow up too. And a forums section for anyone

stopping in to write to us, play annoying time consuming clicky 

games, read jokes  or post your own.  so please register in the forums

 and feel free to post.








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